10 Qualities to Look For in Top-Shelf Flower

Top-shelf is prevalent slang amongst cannabis users. It refers to high-quality cannabis products. They have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and also contain higher cannabinoid content. Many people also call top-shelf flower ‘loud weed’ for its high-quality and potent fragrance. Here are some essential qualities of top-shelf flower that you should keep in mind:

#1: Appearance

One of the main characteristics of a top-shelf flower is that it contains a heavy coat of glistening trichomes. You should look for dense fluffy flowers and avoid very light or rock-hard buds. They are not as effective as the nicer dense buds.

#2: Feel

Top-shelf flower contains high trichome content that makes the weed slightly sticky. However, make sure the buds are not damp or wet. The buds should feel soft, slightly moist, and spongy but never have a drenched feeling.

#3: Color

Hemp flowers come in various colors, but the best way to identify top-shelf cannabis is by picking those that have dark green leaves. They are the most potent with high cannabinoid content. Avoid flowers that are overall yellowish, brownish, or reddish as they indicate poor quality.

#4: Texture

A top-shelf flower breaks with a moderate touch. It doesn’t crumble or become powdery if you try to crush it. The flower will leave a slightly sticky residue, due to the trichome. It also means that the flowers contain high amounts of precious resins.

#5: Trichomes

Top-shelf flowers and trichomes go hand in hand. They have resin glands containing terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. That’s where the cannabinoid goodness comes from. The more trichomes there are, the better the flower. The better the flower, the more potent it is.

#6: Pistils

Pistils indicate the plant’s maturity. Top-shelf flowers have blue-purple pistils at the end of the spectrum. The quantity of pistils on the buds tells you the quality of the flower. The more pistils you see, the more mature the hemp flower is.

#7: Structure

The structure of a top-shelf flower refers to its overall silhouette. Top-shelf flowers usually have a tightly-packed structure. They are airier compared to other buds. You shouldn’t be able to see the flower stems, and the flowers should break with a moderate touch.

#8: Leafy Buds

You will notice multiple leafy buds on top-shelf flowers. They are hard to see because of the flower’s tight structure. But a microscope, or your smartphone’s macro camera, can help to identify these buds more easily.

#9: Smell

There are two scent profiles that you need to remember to identify top-shelf flower: sour and musky. The smell of these flowers is so potent that they can pierce through small, plastic pouches. That’s why manufacturers seal them in odor-proof bags to retain the flowers’ smell.

#10: Potency

A top-shelf flower will take you higher than just any average flower. It’s the combination of premium trichomes, resins, and cannabinoids that keep top-shelf flowers in high demand among cannabis consumers. Check out the difference yourself by smoking an average flower first before consuming top-shelf weed. You’ll surely be able to tell the difference.

The next time someone tries to sell you top-shelf cannabis products, keep these qualities in mind. They can help you sort out the best flowers from the plethora of more average buds.

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