Four Essential Ways to Smoke Your Cannabis

Those who are new to cannabis often feel confused or lost about the best ways to consume it. These days you can see people eating brownies and cookies with marijuana, rubbing cannabis-infused topicals on their skin, or even using concentrated oils in numerous ways. But sometimes more traditional methods are the quickest way to consume your cannabis and experience that pleasant euphoria. Here’s four go-to ways to smoke your cannabis:

#1: Smoking a Joint

Smoking a joint is the most common form of consuming cannabis. A joint looks like a cigarette, but you make it with your hands. You need rolling paper, a filter tip, and ground cannabis to roll your joint together. Smoking through a joint is more enjoyable for many because of the experience of making it. It’s like a work of art.

The way you fill the rolling paper with cannabis, adjust the filter tip, slowly roll the joint, and finally seal its end with a lick – it’s sensational. A true cannabis consumer will understand the unique experience of rolling and smoking a joint.

#2: Smoking a Bong

Bongs can be fun since they come in endless sizes, shapes and designs. A very basic bong looks like a bowl and chamber system. The objective of a bong is to filter the smoke and cool it from the burning marijuana, utilizing water to make it smooth.

Bongs have a tiny bowl where you place your weed. The bottom chamber or bowl contains the water. Make sure you replace the water after each use. You need to light the cannabis and suck on top of the bong’s chamber. The water purifies the smoke and makes it more potent, as well as easier to inhale. The smoke rises as the user inhales deeply through the chamber’s top. You should feel the euphoria almost instantly, but some may take 10-15 minutes to feel the full effects.

#3: Dabbing

Dabs are a relatively new inhalation method for cannabis concentrates. These extracts are known by various names, such as amber, budder, crumble, shatter, sauce, diamonds or wax to name a few. There are two main methods used to extract: solvent-based and solventless. These extractions produce hash oil containing highly-concentrated THC levels.

According to many pieces of research, these types of extracts contain almost 80% or greater.  THC concentration compared to traditional cannabis that contains approximately 15 to 20% THC. A small quantity of extract is almost equal to smoking three or four joints.

It’s best if you try dabbing first with an experienced cannabis user. You’ll need a dab rig which is a water pipe that looks like a bong. Unlike a bong though, it will have a fitting for a nail instead of a bowl. The nail is bucket shaped and needs to withstand very high temperatures in order to vaporize the concentrates. You’ll also need a carb cap to cover the nail, a torch to provide high heat to the nail, and a dab tool to scoop your appropriate dose of concentrate.

To start, you’ll take your torch and heat up the bottom of your nail until it becomes red hot. Once the nail is nice and hot, turn off the torch and let the nail sit for about 30-60 seconds. This ensures the terpenes and other essential elements in the concentrate aren’t burnt off. Next you apply a small amount of concentrate into the nail using your tool to get it all in. For a beginner, start with amounts smaller than a grain of rice. You should begin inhaling slowly as you apply the dab of concentrate into the nail. Then grab your carb cap, and use it to cover and uncover the nail as you inhale to regulate air flow. Now just exhale and enjoy the effects of your dab!

#4: Vaping

Many people who prefer not to smoke joints or use bongs to consume cannabis are now turning to vaping. If you want to experience the effects of marijuana, you can buy cannabis-infused vaping oil. Vape cartridges can come in numerous flavors and THC levels. You will need a vaping device that is compatible with cannabis vaping oil vials.

Luckily, vaping is fairly easy. It’s as simple as turning on the device, then starting smoking. You’ll just most likely need to charge the vape pen when the battery dies and refill and replace the oil once the vial runs empty. This method saves you time compared to the other ways of smoking cannabis.

Moreover, experts see vaping as a potential way to quit smoking harmful cigarettes. If you’re looking to shift from more traditional marijuana consumption to its more modern form, don’t hesitate to try this method.

Let’s face it, it’s fun to consume cannabis. But how you consume it depends on how you want to enjoy the euphoria of cannabis. Do you like the old-school ways or would you be open to trying some of the modern methods? Either way, you’re going to get to enjoy the bliss that comes with consuming this miracle plant.

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